Main works:
Among the main works in the field of modeling clothes:
Collections "Russian series" (1968), costumes based on Ivanovo's calico (1976), costumes for Soviet athletes participating in the Moscow Olympic Games (1980), "1000th anniversary of the baptism of Russia" (1988), "Russian seasons in Paris ”(1988),“ Agony of Perestroika ”(1991),“ Dreams ”(1994),“ Memories of the Future ”(1994),“ Leafing Through Memory Pages ”(1998),“ Reflection ”(2001). ), “Nostalgia for the times gone” (2004), “Secrets of temptation” (2005), “Fantasmagoria” (2006), “Russia is dedicated” (2007), “Origins” (2008), “Associations” (2012), “Nostalgia” (2013)

The author of costumes for theatrical performances, he worked in the cinema, including the costumes for the films "The Magician", "Nameless Star". He is the author of easel paintings and graphic compositions (pastel, pencil, felt-tip pen, computer technologies).


Medal "For Labor Valor"

Order "Badge of Honor"

State Prize of the Russian Federation

Order of Merit for the Fatherland, IV degree

Prize of the President of the Russian Federation

Culture Prize of the Russian Federation

Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of education

Professional awards in the field of fashion design: "Golden Mannequin", "Ovation" (1995), "For services in the development of design", "For outstanding achievements in fashion" and others.

Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts

Order "For service to art"

Medal dedicated to I.I. Shuvalov


Current member of the Russian Academy of Arts

People's Artist of Russia

Fashion designer, theater and film artist, graphic artist


Honored Worker of Textile and Light Industry

Honorary Citizen of Paris

Honorary Citizen of Ivanovo

Legendary fashion designer who invented many collections of clothes

Thanks to Vyacheslav Zaitsev, many Western couturiers began to use elements of the Russian style in their collections - rich bright embroidery, fur hats and the famous Pavloposadsky patterns.