WILLIAM RUSSEL FLINT was a British graphic artist and illustrator. He also worked in oilstempera, and printmaking.

W.R.FLINT  was born in Edinburg to a family of famous artist Frensis W.Flint. He began drawing when he was young, first under the direction of his father and then taking classes at the Royal Institute of Art in Edinburgh.

From 1894 to 1900 Flint apprenticed as a lithographic draughtsman while taking classes at the Royal Institute of Art, Edinburgh. In London he studied at Heatherley’s Art School. He furthered his art education by studying independently at the British Museum.


The artist illustrated many pieces of English and world literature. Flint took part in an exhibition of the best English illustrators in 1910, New York.  In 1913, he received a silver medal of the Paris Salon. In 1924, Russel Flint became a corresponding member of the Royal Academy and in 1933 he became an academician. The artist remained president of the Royal Watercolour Society for 20 years. In 1947, Russel Flint was knighted for his services to art. The year 1962 saw a large artist’s retrospective exhibition at the Royal Academy. 
The artist in his creative work turned to landscapes and portraits. He also painted nude. He dedicated a lot of art works to ballet depicting ballet dancers.

"The Leading Lady"


"Model - Critic"


"Little Fairies"

"Odysseus and


"Madam S."