Vasily Grigorievich Voskresensky - Wassily de Basil - russian military, theatrical figure, entrepreneur. One of the Directors of the Russian Opera in Paris, the organizer and General Director of the Russian ballet Monte Carlo (1932-1936), the Original Russian Ballet under the pseudonym Colonel de Basil. V. Voskresensky was a participant of the Russian-Japanese war, a Hero of the First world war.

Following the death of S. Diaghilev, the members of his Ballets Russes went in many directions. In 1929-1930 de Basil's ballet troupe acted together with A.Tsereteli’s opera troupe. He has collaborated with such masters as M. Fokine, Balanchine,

L.Massine, B.Nijinska,  S.Grigoriev, D.Lichine, V. Psota, D. Taras. In his ballet troupes danced, Chernysheva, A.Danilova, T.Tumanova, I.Baronova, Riabouchinska,

T.A.Volkova, N.Vershinina, A.Morozova, T.Stepanova, A.Eglevsky. He acted as the organizer and General Director of "Russian ballets" abroad. The ballet companies, led by Colonel de Basil, have made a significant contribution to the development of ballet around the world, visiting 600 cities in 70 countries and giving a tour of more than 4,000 performances. Having United around himself Russian choreographers, artistic youth, de Basil became the successor of Diaghilev's Affairs, not allowing them to disappear. 



Photo. A. Dorati conducts orchestral rehearsals of the Russian Ballet Colonel de Basil, the Royal theatre, Sydney, 1939

Photo. Colonel de Basil's ballet, Royal theatre, Sydney.


Photo. Ballet star Colonel de Basil H. Kirsova in "Parsley". Royal theatre, Sydney. 1937

Photo. V. Voskresensky at the rehearsal