Udmurtia or the Udmurt Republic, is a federal subject of Russia (a republic) within the Volga Federal District. Its capital is the city of Izhevsk. Udmurtia is a secret and unique republic in the center of Russia, like an island embraced by two great rivers - the Kama and the Vyatka.

Udmurtia has given birth to a vivid and original artistic culture. In this land one comes across many productions of decorative and applied arts, monuments of peasant architecture. The fine art of Udmurtia is rooted in folk traditions. Udmurt peasants were known for painting, artistic casting and engraving on metal, sculptural carving, artistic production of glass, lace weaving.

The folk art of the Udmurts is characterized by a sense of beauty and a love for geometric ornaments. The color scheme is ascetic, in ancient times more often black-white-red, originating from the flowers of trees-objects of worship (spruce, birch, pine).

The most characteristic examples of the traditional women's costume and its decor are provided by the clothes of the northern Ud-murts. They still retain some features of construction and ornament that were peculiar to the ancient Udmurt costume. Women's garments, notable for simple, unassuming forms, practicalness and graceful proportions, possessed a special expressive quality. Till the first half of the 19th century the decor consisted mainly of embroidery. In the second half of the century the northern Udmurts introduced figured weave. Ornament of red damask patterns covered the sleeves and the hem of the skirt. The designs stood out against the white background of the cloth. Each garment had its particular ornamental scheme and a definite correlation of the decorated surface and the plain field. 

Musical talent of the Udmurt people gave birth to a great number of outstanding professional and amateur composers.  Town Votkinsk is the nature land of great Russian composer Tchaikovsky. Traditional musical festival took place in this town every year. 

Among the famous people of Udmurtia: N. Durova, P. Tchaikovsky, K. Gerd, Ashalchi Oki( A. Vekshina), G. Vekshin,

L. Vasev, L. Kedrov, E. Shumilov, M. Kalashnikov, etc.

Udmurt women's folk costume

Udmurt embroidered


Udmurt products made of birch bark

Dolls in folk Udmurt