The Museum of the  Association  of  ethnography, culture and art   (AECA Museum) invites volunteers to assist and assist in the organization of museum events and projects in Russia and abroad.


Forms of work (by agreement) remotely at home, in offices and museum halls.


Assistance in activities:

• Assistance in sending information about museum projects, exhibitions, concerts, shows (via email and social networks on the Internet, personal communication)

• Communication with participants of museum projects, exhibitions, concerts, shows (via e-mail and social networks on the Internet, personal communication)

• Assistance in organizing art projects (exhibitions, presentations, other events)

• Assistance in organizing fashion projects (fashion shows, other events)

• Assistance in organizing music and theater projects (concerts, performances, etc.)

• Assistance in writing event announcements, art articles, as well as journalistic and other articles.

• Assistance in the design of exhibitions, exhibition elements and exhibits.


Required knowledge, skills:

• Higher education or work experience in the field of culture, art, ethnography (preferably)

• Specialties: art critic, museologist, art manager, concert manager, theater manager, cultural critic, designer, fashion designer, artist, etc. (Preferably)

• Correct speech and writing

• Knowledge of English (preferably) or other foreign language

• Confident PC usage


Personal qualities: sociability, accuracy, punctuality, responsibility, politeness.


Rewards based on results:

• Acknowledgements, letters of recommendation, diplomas, diplomas, nomination for special awards (medals, valuable prizes, scholarships, etc.)

• Free or preferential participation in the projects of the AECA Museum in Russia and abroad.

• Assistance in joining creative and professional unions, associations, unions.

• Cash reward based on results

• Assistance in further employment for a permanent job at the AECA Museum (vacancies: guide-consultant, administrator of art programs, administrator of fashion programs, administrator of theater and music programs)

• Promotion of employment in the partner organizations of the AECA Museum (Russian and foreign organizations).

• Rewards, bonuses, and other rewards


Please fill out the FORM and send it by email:,

and also write a short essay about why you want to volunteer at the AECA Museum.