The AECA Museum interacts with  museums, galleries, research centers, educational institutions, creative associations, unions, associations and other public and state organizations. Charitable organizations and foundations, financial organizations, philanthropists, collectors, cultural figures, other partners and friends of the Museum provide support to the Museum.

We invite the AECA Museum to cooperate in the following areas of museum activities:

MUSEUM AND EXHIBITION ACTIVITY. Cooperation with the AECA Museum in the organization of museum exhibitions, forums, conferences and other cultural and educational events. Including the organization of exhibitions aimed at popularizing and promoting art objects from private and corporate collections in the international cultural space.

PURCHASE OF EXHIBITS FOR MUSEUM FUNDS. Cooperation in the acquisition of new exhibits, documents and art objects of historical and cultural significance and artistic value for national and world culture.

MUSEUM AND EXPOSITION ACTIVITIES. Cooperation in the design and creation of museum expositions, in the acquisition of museum equipment, exhibition systems, storage systems, restoration, electronic and other equipment necessary for museum work.

MUSEUM OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ACTIVITY. Cooperation in conducting research, conservation, publishing, art history, restoration and other museum activities