International cultural and educational project



The International Cultural and Educational project THEATER – MUSIC – FINE ART is aimed at popularizing theatrical and musical art. Exhibitions and events of the project show the historical and cultural processes in the field of theater, music, opera and ballet, as well as demonstrate modern trends and achievements of theatrical and musical art.

Within the framework of THEATER – MUSIC – FINE ART project, historical and art exhibitions, concerts of classical music, performances of opera and ballet dancers and other events are organized.
The exhibitions present works of fine art, stage costumes, theatrical design, posters and programs, photos and videos, other items and information materials. The exhibits were provided by Russian and British museums, galleries, foundations, owners of corporate and personal collections, patrons of arts, lovers of theatrical and musical art.

Cultural institutions take part in the project's activities: theaters, academies, colleges, schools of art, other institutions with musical, vocal and choreographic departments.
The project events are organized with the support of The Association of ethnographers of culture and art, The Russian Academy of Arts, The Moscow International Foundation for UNESCO, members of The Russian-British Chamber of Commerce, The Russian-British Cultural Club, The RBCC Art Fund, and other project partners

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