The ART FUND conducts activities aimed at identifying and studying rare art objects of historical and cultural significance and artistic value for national and world culture. The ART FUND participates in the state program «Preservation of historical and cultural heritage», and assists in the acquisition of rare art objects for the collections of domestic museums.


The ART FUND receives fresh and up-to-date information about rare art items appearing on the art market through cooperation with museums, galleries, auction houses, collectors, art dealers, artists and other active participants in the art market in Russia, the UK, and other countries. The ART FUND offers museums, galleries, and owners of private and corporate collections the purchase of rare art objects in order to replenish and improve the quality of the collection, including in order to increase the historical, cultural, and artistic level of the entire collection.

Based on their professional knowledge and experience, modern Museum management, as well as contacts in the field of culture and art, the art FUND specialists offer the owners of collections a wide selection of rare art objects. The capabilities of the ART FUND allow you to purchase unique exhibits that are in high demand in the art market at very competitive prices (often at prices much lower than those offered by auctions and art dealers). This is achieved thanks to the constant contacts of the ART FUND with institutions of art and culture in Russia, the UK, and other countries. 

The ART FUND evaluates an art object, determines its authenticity, the quality of accompanying documents (provenance, expert opinions, archival certificates, etc.), represents the interests of the collector in negotiations with the owners of art objects, auction houses or galleries, and arranges conditions for a profitable transaction (purchase, sale, lease of an art object, etc.).