At the events of the THEATER - MUSIC - FINE ART project, AECA, together with partners, implements a charitable program in support of educational, cultural and art institutions.

As part of the charity program, AECA and partners organize the acquisition of art objects with their subsequent donation to museums. The exhibitions of the forum feature works by Russian, British and European artists from the period of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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EDUCATION AND CULTUREAECA and partners provide charitable support to educational and cultural institutions. The charity program is aimed at improving the conditions of educational processes, as well as in order to support and promote young talents in the fields of theater, music, choreography and fine arts.

AECA and partners provides charitable support in organizing cultural events in the areas of theatrical, musical, choreographic and fine arts.

The Organizing Committee, cultural institutions and other participants of the THEATER - MUSIC - FINE ARTS forum express their sincere gratitude to everyone who contributes to the project and invite them to the award ceremony.