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We invite you to visit exhibitions and events of the THEATRE-MUSIC-FINE ART project. This is a good opportunity to get in touch with the high aesthetics of theatrical and musical art. The funds received during the project are used to support theaters, academies, colleges, schools and other institutions with musical, vocal and choreographic departments

You can support the project in the following ways:

1. Visit one of the exhibitions of the THEATRE-MUSIC- FINE ART project (the cost of the entrance ticket includes support of the theater and music institutions).

We invite you to visit the exhibitions and events of the THEATRE-MUSIC- FINE ART project in the AECA Museum, as well as in other museums, galleries, exhibition halls of the project partners.


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2. Distribution of souvenir products of the THEATRE - MUSIC - FINE ART project (the cost of souvenirs includes support from theater and music institutions).

Within the framework of the THEATRE–MUSIC–FINE ART project, a series of souvenir items were made. The Organizing Committee will be grateful for the opportunity to distribute souvenirs at an exhibition (or at other events) in your office (institution). Souvenirs can be used as gifts to participants of concerts and other events, honorary members of the jury, special guests, graduates of educational institutions, winners of competitions and festivals.

3. Cooperation with the THEATRE-MUSIC- FINE ART project. 
If you have same area (space) for presentations we offer organize the THEATRE–MUSIC–FINE ART exhibition at your office (institution). The exhibition could be dedicated to concerts, performances or other significant events. The art objects of the exhibition will decorate the walls and create a noble atmosphere in your office (institution).


3. To assist in the organization and holding of the exhibition of the THEATER-MUSIC- FINE ART project. You can support the project if you own a museum, gallery, exhibition hall, other premises for exhibitions, auctions, presentations. The organizers of the project will consider your proposals for cooperation. We can jointly select the required number of art objects to organize an exhibition in your premises. The project activities are accompanied by concerts of classical music, performances by opera and ballet dancers. The THEATER-MUSIC- FINE ART exhibition will become a spectacular and memorable event in your institution.


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