Executive Director 

Liliya Zaitseva was educated as a Museum expert and holds MA in the field of preservation and protection of cultural heritage. In the Museum's activities since 2003. In previous years, she was Deputy Director and chief curator of the collections of the Dolgoprudny historical and art Museum (Moscow region).

In the AECA Museum, Liliya Zaitseva develops the main directions of Museum activity. She organizes Museum projects and studies on outstanding representatives of culture and art who have had a significant impact on the formation of the world historical and cultural heritage.


Liliya Zaitseva is the Chairman of the Expert Committee. She is responsible for the receipt and acquisition of art and artefacts in the Museum Fund. She also takes part in the establishment of authorship, confirmation of the authenticity of works of fine art in the creation and acquisition of corporate collections.

Liliya Zaitseva is the Chairman of the Scientific research Council. Under her leadership, she conducts research in the field of Ethnography, as well as research on the cultural activities of ethnic diasporas in the UK, the European Union, the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Asia, Africa, as well as in other countries. Liliya Zaitseva has a number of awards of Russian and British state and public organizations.


Director of Exhibition Department

Anna Geiger has been working in the Museum sphere for more than 13 years. In previous years, she was the curator Of the art Fund of the Dolgoprudny Museum of history and art (Moscow region).

Anna is a member of the Executive team of AECA Museum. Anna manages the work of the Exhibition Department. She is the Secretary of the Expert Fund Commission, a member of the scientific and methodological Council of AECA Museum.

She works on organization of Museum expositions, historical, ethnographic and art exhibitions.
Participates in the replenishment of museum collections AECA Museum. Conducts research work on the study and promotion of ethnic and cultural heritage of ethnic communities living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Director of information

and technical Department 

Daniil Zaitsev is a member of the Executive team of Association of ethnography, culture and art (AECA) Museum. Works in the Museum sphere since 2006. Previously, Daniel worked as a curator of traveling exhibitions in Dolgoprudny historical and art Museum (Moscow region).

Daniel is responsible for organizing information and technical support for AECA Museum. Participates in the creation of the site AECA Museum, is working on the development and improvement of the site. Participates in the organization of exhibition and research activities, in the formation of the Museum funds, the design of printed publications of Association of ethnography, culture and art Museum.