of Gavrila Solodovnikov"

Solodovnikov Gavrila Gavrilovich - one of the richest merchants and homeowners in Moscow, a multimillionaire. This merchant was the author of the largest donation in the history of Russia. His fortune was about 22 million rubles, 20 of which he spent on the needs of society.

He was the first to make a contribution to the construction of the Moscow Conservatory. Built on Bolshaya Dmitrovka "concert hall with a theatrical stage for the work of extravaganza and ballet" (the current operetta Theater). The theater did not last long, but managed to enter the history of the Russian theater. Soon private Opera of S.I. Mamontov settled here. It was here that Feodor Chaliapin performed for the first time in Moscow. After the revolution, the room became a branch of the Bolshoi theater, located very close. Currently, this house is known as the Moscow operetta theatre.

Conservatory on Bolshaya Nikitskaya. 1901-1903

Solodovnikov passage

Solodovnikov passage on the Kuznetsky bridge in Moscow. 1903