"Portrait of baron Alexander von Stieglitz"

Artist Ivan Tyurin

Alexander von Stieglitz - the largest russian financier, banker and industrialist, manager of the State Bank of Russia (1860-1866), philanthropist, philanthropist. Founder of the Central school of technical drawing in St. Petersburg. A passionate admirer of art, he not only donated a significant amount to create an educational institution, but opened a whole milestone in Russian art education.

Until the last day of his life shtiglitz was an honorary Trustee of the school and after his death bequeathed Him a very large sum - about 7 million rubles. The Baron donated funds to build not only the school itself, but also the Museum of applied art, and its collection later became one of the richest collections of applied art in Europe. For his services to the state Baron Alexander von Stieglitz received numerous awards. Today the Stieglitz school is the St. Petersburg state Academy of art and industry. Stieglitz, one of the most authoritative universities in the field of art and design in Russia.

Drawing school of Baron

Alexander Ludvigovich von Stieglitz

The Monument to

A. Stieglitz at the Academy

The Facade Of The Academy

of Stieglitz

Teachers and students of the School on the Italian stairs Of the large exhibition hall of the Museum.1896