Scotland is an unusual country with a rich and interesting history. It has big cities like Glasgow, deep lakes and picturesque mountains. This country is divided into nine regions which possess about eight hundred islands, three hundred of which are unsuitable for human life.  

Almost each inch of land in Scotland is connected with some historical or cultural event, and the Scottish people are very proud of their history. Scotland has given the world a variety of writers, artists, sculptors, poets and musicians.  We can get to know their creative work at numerous festivals conducted in Scotland. The most famous festival is the international Edinburgh Art Festival. The whole world knows the national men’s dress – kilts.

Like in the Medieval Ages, the bagpipe is very popular in Scotland. Its sounds bring unforgettable shades into the national music. 

As for the Scottish Highland Games, for many centuries have they served for men to find out who is stronger, smarter, faster and more skilled. Traditional dances are also performed by the people. They dance in companies (sets) of three-four pairs. Attention is paid to the legs’ movements and the rotation of the pairs.