Morozov Savva Timofeevich - hereditary honorary citizen, entrepreneur, philanthropist and philanthropist, manufacture – Advisor. S. Morozov left his memory as a generous philanthropist, doing charity, donated money for the construction of shelters and hospitals. He had a great influence on the development of national culture. 
  He provided great assistance to the Moscow art theater, made donations for the construction and development of the Moscow art theater, headed its financial part, was Chairman of the Board of the mutual Association for the operation of the Moscow art theater and the construction of a new theater building in Kamergersky lane. According to rough estimates of researchers, in 1898-1904 he spent on the support of the Moscow art theater enormous at the time funds - about 500 000 rubles. Under the leadership of S. Morozov, a new theater building in Kamergersky lane was rebuilt and a new hall for 1,300 seats was created. MKhT gave preference to modern domestic and foreign drama, turned to domestic and foreign classics.

General view of the Moscow art theater in Kamergersky lane

Poster of the play

"The Seagull" By

A. Chekhov

S. Morozov

on construction of the MHT building

M. Gorky among artists

Moscow art theatre