Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - is a federal Russian republic.   Its capital is the city of Yakutsk. The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest administrative and territorial subdivision in the world and accordingly, the largest part of the Russian Federation. 
Yakutia is a land of dense taiga wilderness and immense tundra zones, hundreds of thousands of large and small rivers and lakes, harsh mountain ranges and ice arctic regions, primeval nature, original culture and warm open people.Yakutia is located entirely in the permafrost zone. In the capital of Yakutia, Yakutsk, permafrost layer reaches 350 m in depth. 

Culture of Yakutia is very diverse and is formed by traditions and languages of the Sakha, Russian, indigenous minorities of the North, Evens, Evenks, Chukchi and Yukagir. Sakha Republic is the most sparsely populated region in Russia.

Less than one million of people populate the area of three million square kilometers. Yakutsk is the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The cultural life of the northern city is very lively, there are theaters, a variety of cultural and ethnographic centers, numerous museums and exhibitions.
Every nation has its own old traditional festivals that are passed from generation to generation. The Sakha Ysyakh is connected with the cult of the Sundeity, the cult of fertility. Ysyakh is a typical cult holiday in the nature revival. It is celebrated for several days in June, including the 21 June - summer solstice. It is accompanied by national Yakut rituals and ceremonies, folk dancing, horse racing, Yakut ethnic music and singing, national cuisine, and competitions in traditional Yakut sports.
Sakha oral traditions are currently playing an important role in providing a foundation for the revitalization of many aspects of national  spirituality and culture. The epic of the Sakha-olonkho-plays a central role among those oral traditions. Olonkho is a series of heroic epic tales of the Yakuts and one of the oldest epic arts of the Turkic peoples. The term refers to the entire Sakha epic tradition as well as its central epic.
There are over one hundred poem epics recorded of which a small number have been published - each can contain several tens of thousands of verses. As originally performed the epics were narrated not written, with each character or principle indicated by the tone and musicality of the performer's voice.  

Among the famous cultural figures of Yakutia: S. Danilov, I. Kozyrevsky, A. Kulakovsky, V. Nikiforov, P. Oyunsky,

D. Sivtsev-Suorun Omollon, A. Sofronov-Alampa, D. Khodulov, etc.

Women's clothing

"Kytyylah son"

Traditional Yakut decoration

Yakut wedding saddle