The Russian Federation is a multinational country, more than 190 different nations live in Russia. The Capital Of The Russian Is Moscow.
The nations of Russia speak more than 100 languages and dialects. The culture of the ethnic Russian people (along with the cultures of many other ethnicities with which it has intertwined in the territory of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union) has a long tradition of achievement in many fields, especially when it comes to literaturefolk dancing, philosophyclassical music, traditional folk-music, balletarchitecturepainting
cinemaanimation and politics. In all these areas Russia has had a considerable influence on world culture

26 objects of Russian culture are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These cultural objects are: the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square; architectural monuments of Russian ancient architecture of the 11th-17th centuries; the historical center of St. Petersburg and many others.


Russia has unique art collections which are displayed in the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum.
Among the most famous Russian artists: A.Rublev, F.Grek, I.Repin, I.Levitan, V.Surikov, V.Kandinsky, M.Chagall,

K.Malevich and many others.

Ballet is a popular notable art form coming out of Russia. Founded in 1776, the Bolshoi Ballet is a classical ballet company based at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and known throughout the world. The Mariinsky Ballet in Saint Petersburg is another famous ballet company in Russia. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a 19th-century Russian composer, is world renowned for "Swan Lake" and the "1812 Overture," among other pieces. There are several museums, including his childhood home, showcasing his personal belongings and musical artifacts.
Russian literature has also had a worldwide impact, with writers such as Leon Tolstoy ("Anna Karenina" and "War and Peace") and Fyodor Dostoevsky ("Crime and Punishment" and "The Brothers Karamazov") still being read around the world.
Russian scientists made an immense contribution to the world science and the largest scientific discoveries in various fields of knowledge, won 21 Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Literature and the Peace Prize.

The general character of Russian folk costume was formed over many generations, corresponding to the appearance, lifestyle, and nature of work of the people. Many types of Russian crafts are well known all over the world: Fedoskin lacquer miniature, Gzhel, Gorodetsky painting, Zhostovo, Palekh, Khokhloma and others.

Bratina. Khokhloma painting

Lacquer miniature of Fedoskino

 The casket. Gorodetsky painting