Information about the Richmond area from the partner of the AECA Museum - Russian-British Cultural Club

Richmond (full name Richmond-upon-Thames) is one of the most charming neighborhoods in London. Royal dynasty, wealthy families and celebrities have preferred this area for hundreds of years. Central London and Richmond are separated by the Thames. The area is adjacent to the Royal Palace of Hampton Court and the Kew Gardens. Stunning parks and historic buildings, theaters and museums, cozy streets, shops, good restaurants and bustling pubs, Richmond rivals some of London's finest neighborhoods in terms of amenities and living standards. Victorian and Georgian homes are located off the main streets of London, and many have direct access and stunning views of the River Thames. The most picturesque section of the Thames and the embankment is located here. Richmond is home to bankers, politicians, wealthy foreigners, including many Americans, Scandinavians and Germans. It is home to first-class international schools and the American University.