The Museum of the Association shows a collection of prints and engravings created by Ray Kingsley, a British graphic-designer, based on paintings by Russian and British artists of the ХIХ - ХХ centuries.
A series of prints and engravings was created by Ray Kingsley in a creative collaboration with Rinat Kuramshin, a Russian-British artist, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts. Ray Kingsley  turned to Rinat Kuramshin for adding colours to monochromic engravings. Rinat Kuramshin  was finishing each art piece using pastel, sepia, sanguine and other artistic materials. Rinat Kuramshin’s mastery of coloured pastel   and other graphical materials provided Ray Kingsley’s engravings with unique colourful view.
The prints and engravings by Ray Kingsley created in collaboration with Rinat Kuramshin have combined the best achievements of painting, graphical and design art. The high quality is achieved by use of British printing technologies followed by final paining of each piece. During the final paining,  painters used pastel, sepia, sanguine and other artistic materials. Each art piece is framed, has a passepartout and a protective glass which help to keep the art pieces safe for a long time. Each art piece has a certificate of authenticity including information on a historical and cultural value and other attributes providing protection of an art piece from forgery. 

Graphic collectibles are of interest for museums, corporations and private collections. Among the collectors of prints we can see royal families, businessmen and famous persons of culture and art. The prints and engravings are well framed and will decorate offices and apartments, they will also contribute to corporate collections of art pieces.

pic_constr (2).jpg

"Portrait of Anna Pavlova"

Print from the painting by Rinat Kuramshin

"Two dancers"

Print from the painting

by Rinat Kuramshin

"Dancer tying pointe shoes.

Drawing №1"

from the painting by Rinat Kuramshin

"Two dancers in the ballet class"

Print from the painting by Rinat Kuramshin

Manor P.I Tchaikovsky
Klin city