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The international cultural and educational project THEATER - MUSIC - FINE ART was first organized in 2019 within the Great Britain - Russia Year of Music and Year of Theatre in Russia.

The project exhibitions reflected the cultural processes that took place in the field of Theatre, Music, Opera and Ballet during the XVIII-XX centuries, as well as modern trends and achievements of theatrical and musical art. The THEATER - MUSIC - FINE ART project is organized to preserve the historical memory of outstanding composers, musicians, theatrical figures, opera and ballet dancers, playwrights, writers and poets, whose works formed the basis of theatrical productions, performances and musical works.

Dear friends!

The international cultural and educational project THEATER - MUSIC - FINE ART is aimed at popularizing theatrical and musical art. The project events are designed to reflect the historical and cultural processes in the field of theater, music, opera and ballet, as well as to demonstrate modern trends and achievements in theatrical and musical art. Within the framework of THEATER - MUSIC - FINE ART project, historical and art exhibitions, concerts of classical music, performances of opera and ballet dancers and other events are organized. Special thanks to participants and partners who provided unique pieces of art from private collections. 
We hope that the THEATER - MUSIC - FINE ART project will become a platform for the development of cultural cooperation between our countries.

President of the Association of Ethnographers, Cultural and Art Workers


Dear friends!
2019 has been announced the Year of Music Great Britain - Russia.  It will celebrate the rich musical culture of the United Kingdom and Russia and introduce all people to each other’s musical traditions and achievements through exhibitions, concerts,  theatrical performances and other cultural and educational activities. 
Great Britain and Russia have excellent cultural relations and great interest of both cultures in each other. And this is a strong thing, thanks to which relationships between It celebrates the UK and Russia’s rich musical cultures and our profound respect for each other’s musical traditions and achievements through a programme that fosters people-to-people contacts between our countries.   
The THEATRE - MUSIC - FINE ART exhibition aims to promote the musical and theatrical heritage of Great Britain and Russia, and also aims to inspire project participants from different countries to build positive relationships with each other through cultural exchange. 

SIR LAURENCE BRISTOW                                 
Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Russia

The Organizing Committee received numerous offers to continue the THEATER-MUSIC-FINE ART project.