Participants of the events of the International Museum and Exhibition Forum CLASSICS AND MODERNITY are provided with a number of advantages with the support of the general partners of the RBCC Art Fund, the Russian-British Cultural Club, ETHNO ART FEST Company.

MUSEUM EXHIBITIONS. International exhibitions, presentations and other museum and exhibition events are organized with the aim of promoting and popularizing art objects in the international cultural space. The exhibitions introduce the international community to the unique works of famous artists and masters of the arts, access to which is often limited or impossible, as these items are in private and corporate collections.

EXPOSURE AND MARKETING. Within the framework of museum and exhibition events, the exhibition of art objects is organized both in ON-LINE versions (on the websites of the organizers and partners of the program) and in OFF-LINE versions in museums, galleries, exhibition and cultural centers. Marketing events are organized in order to increase the value and demand (liquidity) of art objects in the art markets of Russia, Great Britain and the USA.

MUSEUM AND EXHIBITION DOCUMENTS. Preparation of museum and exhibition documents that form a prestigious history of ownership and movement of art objects. Revealing the unique qualities of art objects, as well as the features associated with the history of their origin. The program assists in obtaining Expert Opinions and Letters of Reference for art objects. Letters of recommendation will highlight the significant cultural and artistic value of these works. Based on these recommendations, art objects can be purchased by museums in Russia, Great Britain and the United States.

THE FORMATION OF COLLECTIONS. The program "Preservation of cultural heritage" provides special opportunities for the formation of personal and corporate collections. The exchange of one art object for another between program participants is the most popular type of transaction.

The acquisition of rare collectible art objects of Museum significance undoubtedly contributes to the improvement of the historical, cultural and artistic level of personal and corporate collections.

LEGAL SUPPORT AND ART CONSULTING. Legal support in the sale / purchase, exchange, lease and other aspects of the circulation of art objects in the Russian and foreign art markets; specifics of collecting and investing in art, other topical issues of the art market in Russia, Great Britain and the USA.

THE MUSEUM'S EXPERTISE. Conducting Museum research work in order to identify the historical and cultural significance and artistic value of art objects. Preparation of expert opinions on research results. The results of Museum research work help owners of art objects to organize successful work with museums, galleries, auction houses in Russia and abroad.

INTERNATIONAL AWARDS. Participants of museum projects are nominated for international awards in recognition of their socially significant role in the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage and the development of museum activities. The awards include the presentation of gratitude, medals, valuable prizes, including awards from Russian, British and American museums, academies, associations, government and public organizations.

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