MAYA PLISETSKAYA  1925 - 2015 


Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya was a Soviet ballet dancer, choreographer, ballet director, and actress, who held in post-Soviet times Spanish and Lithuanian citizenship. 
As a member of the Bolshoi until 1990, her skill as a dancer changed the world of ballet, setting a higher standard for ballerinas both in terms of technical brilliance and dramatic presence. As a soloist, Plisetskaya created a number of leading roles, including Juliet in Lavrovsky’s Romeo and Juliet; Phrygia in Yakobson’s Spartacus, in Grigorovich’s ballets : Mistress of the Copper Mountain in The Stone Flower, Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, Mahmene Banu in The Legend of Love; Alberto Alonso’s Carmen Suite, written especially for her; and Maurice Bejart’s Isadora. Among her most acclaimed roles were Kitri in Don Quixote, Odette-Odile in Swan Lake and The Dying Swan. A fellow dancer stated that her dramatic portrayal of Carmen, reportedly her favorite role. Her husband, composer R. Shchedrin, wrote the scores to a number of her ballets. Maya Plisetskaya starred in films, worked as a ballet master and as a teacher-tutor, wrote several memoirs.

"Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya"

Author Rinat Kuramshin


M. Plisetskaya

and A. Godunov

Photo. M. Plisetskaya

in the image

of Carmen

Photo. M. Plisetskaya in the ballet

"Anna Karenina"

Photo. Maya Plisetskaya in the image

dying swan