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"Portrait of Pavel Tretyakov"

Artist Rinat Kuramshin

Tretyakov Pavel Mikhailovich - russian entrepreneur, philanthropist, collector of works of Russian art, founder of the Tretyakov gallery, Honorary citizen of Moscow.
In the 1850s, Pavel Tretyakov began to collect a collection of Russian art, which almost from the very beginning he intended to transfer to the city.


In 1874 Tretyakov built a gallery-building for the collected collection, which in 1881 was opened to the public. In 1892, Pavel Tretyakov donated his collection of Russian art and the collection of his brother Sergei Tretyakov to Moscow, which became the basis of the Museum, which was named "Moscow city gallery of Pavel and Sergei Mikhailovich Tretyakov" in 1893. Until the end of his life, Pavel Tretyakov remained a Trustee of the gallery, bought paintings for her, worked on catalogs, expanded the area. His almost half a century of collecting activities, supporting the most talented and brilliant artists Tretyakov influenced the formation of artistic culture of Russia in the second half of the XIX century and helped its flourishing.

Collection of paintings by

P.M. Tretyakov

State Tretyakov gallery

S. Tretyakov

Pavel Tretyakov in the family