The AEKA Museum offers to hold exhibitions and events together with museums, galleries, art funds, owners of corporate and personal collections.

The AEKA Museum organizes exhibitions to promote international cooperation in the field of culture and art, as well as to preserve and promote the historical and cultural heritage. Exhibitions are organized in museums, galleries, exhibition and cultural centers in Russia and other countries.

Within the framework of exhibitions, lectures, presentations, and guided tours of expositions dedicated to individual exhibits, collections, or art trends are organized. The exhibitions will introduce art lovers to unique works from private personal and corporate collections.

Representatives of state and public organizations, well-known figures of culture and art, owners of personal and corporate collections, representatives of museums, galleries, exhibition and cultural centers are invited to exhibitions and events. The events of the project are accompanied by concerts of classical music, performances of opera and ballet artists.

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The AEKA Museum invites the owners of personal and corporate collections to consider the possibility of temporarily providing their items (exhibits) for museum exhibitions.

We will be grateful for the temporary provision of art objects, costumes, decor items, posters, photo and video materials, and other items for museum exhibitions.

The AEKA Museum accepts items for temporary storage in accordance with the museum documents and acceptance certificates. If necessary, an additional contract can be concluded.

The participation of art objects in international museums, projects and exhibitions contributes to the growing popularity of works of art. it also increases the historical, cultural and artistic value of the exhibits.


The AEKA Museum can provide organizational, methodological and other assistance in creating a Museum exhibition in your Institution. Museum expositions can be organized by themes and periods in history. Specialists of the AEKA Museum  assist in the development of the concept, the plan of the exhibition, the design of stands and showcases, and other details of the Museum exhibition. 

AEKA assists in the acquisition of new exhibits for museum collections. AEKA cooperates with art collectors, art dealers, auction houses, galleries, and art funds. 

AEKA specialists can offer the necessary number of items (exhibits) to organize a unique Museum exhibition in your Institution. The purchase of new exhibits is supported by charitable foundations, patrons and partners of the Association of Ethnographic, Cultural and Art.