Count Sheremetev Nikolai Petrovich-patron of the arts, philanthropist, musician, Director of the Moscow noble Bank, founder of the Hospice in Moscow and Nevsky almshouse in St. Petersburg. He entered the history of national culture and as an outstanding theatrical figure.


He built a new building in Kuskovo, where he planned to stage" big " operas with the participation of dancers and a large choir, as well as ballets. Another theater was built in Ostankino. By its acoustic qualities, it is the best hall in Moscow. 
The creation of his own theater became the main business of his life. Over 20 years, Sheremetev has staged about a hundred operas, ballets and comedies. But the main was comic Opera - Gretry, Monsigny, Dooney, Dalarna, Fomin.

"Portrait of Count  Nikolai Sheremetev"

Artist Nikolay Argunov

Grand ballroom

The Palace of Kuskovo

Ostankino palace.


View of the Ostankino estate. 1833

Artist N.I. Podkluchnikov