"Portrait of Vaslav Nijinsky"

Аuthor Rinat Kuramshin

Vaslav Fomich Nijinsky was a ballet dancer and choreographer cited as the greatest male dancer of the early 20th century. He could dance en pointe, a rare skill among male dancers at the time and was admired for his seemingly gravity-defying leaps.

In 1909 he joined the Ballets Russes, a new ballet company started by S. Diaghilev. The Ballets Russes gave Nijinsky the chance to expand his art and experiment with dance and choreography; he created new directions for male dancers while becoming internationally famous. His portrayal of “Petrushka," the puppet with a soul, was a remarkable display of his expressive ability to portray characters. After the first Russian season in Paris, Wenceslas Nijinsky was awarded the degree of commander of the Order Of academic palms.

His partnership with T.Karsavina was legendary, and they have been called the "most exemplary artists of the time". His ballets were L'après-midi d'un faune (The Afternoon of a Faun, based on Claude Debussy's Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune), Jeux, and Till Eulenspiegel. From 1947 Nijinsky lived in Surrey, England with his wife. He died at a clinic in London on 8 April 1950. In 1968, the Nijinsky Prize was established in Monaco and awarded to ballet dancers and choreographers.

Photo. "V. Nijinsky in the ballet "Scheherazade"

Photo. The Theater Chatelet.

France, Paris

Photo. V. Nijinsky in the ballet "Afternoon rest of the Faun"

Photo. A. Pavlova

and V. Nijinsky