Ray Kingsley is a British designer and engraver, specialist and innovator in the field of printed graphics, and owner of Kingsley's Printmaking Studio. He studied drawing and engraving with his relative Alfred Kingsley Lawrence, a portrait artist and member of the Royal Academy of arts and the Royal society of portrait artists.

The Museum exhibits a series of prints, pastels, and other graphic works by Ray Kingsley based on paintings by European, British, and Russian artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Ray Kingsley made engravings, both in the classical technique, and using new author's methods of printing graphics. When making color prints, he often applied a layer of colored pastels or watercolors directly to the sheet of engraving or lithography to achieve the most pictorial effect. He also used tempera, sepia, sangina, charcoal, and other graphic materials.

"Peonies in a glass vase"

"White lilies"


original-1а7Пастель1мал (2)_edited.jpg

"Yellow lilies"


"Peonies illuminated by the sun"

"Irises by the water"



"Spring Garden"




"Water Lilies"

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"Roses with a butterfly"

"A bouquet of daisies and bluebells"