Museum prints are high-quality art products, created by special technology, reproducing copies of the works of famous artists. During the production process, the Museum prints go through a stage of manual processing. Artists and designers refine Museum prints using watercolors, pastels, sepia, sanguine, and other materials. Each copy is decorated in a baguette frame, passepartout (decorative cardboard), glass, and mount for hanging a picture. The frame and glass decorate the print, and also provides protection of the Museum prints from atmospheric influences, in order to store the art object for a long time.  Each Museum print has a certificate of authenticity, an author's signature, a copy number, and other means of attribution that protect the art object from counterfeiting.


The Museum prints «PORTRAITS» and «PAINTINGS & GRAPHICS» are limited edition collections. Museum prints are of interest to museums, galleries, corporate and private collections as high quality art object of printed graphics.