The AECA Museum offers owners of art objects to participate in Museum exhibitions in ON-LINE versions (on the AECA Museum's website), as well as in OFF-LINE versions in museums, galleries, and exhibition sites of forum partners.

On-LINE exhibitions are offered in the Museum and exhibition formats "RICHMOND", "GREENWICH", "KENSINGTON", "MAYFAIR", "WESTMINSTER". The AEKA Museum staff, together with their partners, tried to recreate the atmosphere of exhibitions held in the famous areas of the British capital.

Participants of these formats are provided with a number of advantages with the support of the general partners of the forum CLASSICS AND MODERNITY of the RBCC Art Fund, the Russian-British Cultural Club, ETHNO ART FEST Company.

Conditions for organizing OFF-LINE exhibitions (in museums, galleries, exhibition and cultural centers) are available on request. OFF-LINE exhibitions are organized in compliance with the decrees, orders and other legal acts that are adopted in the countries where the exhibitions are held and which will be guided by the organizers and partners of the project.


Examples of ON-LINE exhibitions in the GALLERY section


To participate IN on-LINE exhibitions of the Partner program "PRESERVATION of CULTURAL HERITAGE", please fill out an Application indicating one of the exhibition formats and send it to the organizing Committee's email address:

Attach to the Application for participation:

  • Photo images of exhibits in the Museum. TIFF/JPEG format with a resolution of 300 dpi (at least 1 MB).

  • Additional information about exhibits (preferably): provenance, expert opinions, publications in albums and catalogues, awards for participation in previous exhibitions, etc.

After reviewing the Application, the participant will be sent: an official invitation letter, an agreement, an invoice and payment details, and other information for participation in forum events.

More information will be sent upon request.

Organizing Committee contacts: