Popularization and promotion of art objects
in the international cultural space

The ART FUND organizes Museum exhibitions aimed at popularizing and promoting art objects from personal and corporate collections in the international cultural space. Exhibitions are organized in museums, galleries, exhibition and cultural centers in Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Museum specialists, art historians, art dealers, representatives of galleries and auction houses, and other Russian, British, and American experts in the field of culture and art take part in organizing exhibitions.


Within the framework of exhibitions, lectures, presentations, tours of exhibitions dedicated to individual exhibits, collections or trends in art are organized. Museum exhibitions and projects aim to show unique works by famous artists from the collections of museums and galleries, private and corporate art collections, which are often not available for viewing by art lovers.

Representatives of state, departmental and private museums, well-known figures of culture and art, owners of personal and corporate collections, representatives of exhibition and cultural centers of Russia, Great Britain and the USA are invited to exhibitions and events.

Participation of art objects in international Museum projects and exhibitions increases the recognition of works of art, contributes to the growth of their popularity among art lovers, and, according to experts of the art market, increases the historical, cultural and artistic value of exhibition items.