Within the framework of international projects, the ART FUND prepares a package of Museum and exhibition documents that form the prestigious history of ownership and movement of art objects. Museum and exhibition documents make it possible to present the historical and cultural merits and artistic qualities of art objects in the most favorable light. 

Museum specialists organize research aimed at identifying the unique qualities of art objects, as well as features related to the history of their origin, existence and movement, including participation in various exhibitions and Museum projects. Historical and archival information, expert commissions ‘ conclusions, art studies, publications in Museum albums and catalogues have a positive impact on the reputation of art objects.

Art objects within the framework of Museum projects can also be awarded international certificates, diplomas, medals, and other prestigious awards of Russian, British, and American organizations in the field of culture and art. Museum and exhibition documents, including recommendations of Museum expert commissions, are an important part of the impeccable provenance of art objects and increase the confidence of art dealers, collectors, and art market experts in them.

Within the framework of Museum and exhibition events, the ART FUND helps interested persons to receive letters of recommendation from the International expert Council for art objects as works of significant cultural value. Based on these recommendations, art objects can be purchased by museums with the financial support of charitable foundations, partners and sponsors, as well as other financial institutions that support museums (under an additional agreement).