MUSA JALIL  1906-1944

РинатК. Муса Джалиль2.jpg

"Portrait of Musa Jalil"

Artist Rinat Kuramshin

Musa Jalil was a Soviet Tatar poet and resistance fighter. In 1931 he graduated from the literature faculty of the Moscow State University. In 1931-32 editor of the Tatar children's magazines. In 1939-1941 was the responsible Secretary of the Union of writers of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, he worked as head of the literary section of the Tatar Opera theatre.
In 1941 he was drafted into the Red Army. In 1942, badly wounded was captured, imprisoned in a concentration camp, where he organized an underground group, arranged shoots Soviet prisoners of war. He wrote poems that have studied the comrades in captivity, passed from mouth to mouth. For participation in underground organization is executed in a military ploetzensee. Posthumously in 1956 was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.


In 1925 he published his first collection of poems and poems Poems of 1941 is full of optimism, faith in the victory over fascism: «hospital», «Before the attack», «Letters from the trenches», etc. Through the Belgian partisan, prisoner in the prison of Moabit, the poet gave vent to a notebook with poems.
Over a hundred poetic works of the poet - witnesses of the struggle, suffering and courage of the poet. For the cycle of poems «Moabit notebook» Jalil posthumously in 1957 was awarded the Lenin prize. In 1968, on Musa Dzhalil was created the film «Moabit notebook».

As a playwright of the Tatar State Opera, he wrote four librettos for Tatar operas, one of which is Golden Hair Maiden. Soviet Tatar composer Nazib Zhiganov wrote an «opera-poem» Dzhalil based on the life of Cälil. This was premiered in Tatar in Kazan in 1957, and later recorded by conductor Boris Khaykin for Moscow radio.

The program

for the Opera «Altynchech»

Scene from the Opera «Altynchech». libretto by Musa Jalil

Moabit notebook

Scene from the Opera 
«Musa Jalil»