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"Portrait of Sergei Diaghilev"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

The memory of Sergei Diaghilev, an outstanding figure in ballet and theater, a great innovator, will forever remain in the history of the Russian and world culture.  There are many memorable places in Russia and abroad associated with the name of Sergei Diaghilev. His image has been captured in sculptures, paintings and graphic works.


In Paris, in 1965, the square near the Grand Opera, in the IX arrondissement of the city, was named as  "Diaghilev Square". A monument-bust of Diaghilev was installed by sculptor Levon Lazarev from St. Petersburg in 2003, at the Chatelet Theater, in Paris.  In 2008, the Sotheby's organized an exhibition in Paris in honor of the 100th anniversary of Diaghilev's "Russian Ballets" called "Dancing Towards Glory: The Golden Age of Russian Ballets", which presented about 150 paintings, sketches, costumes, scenery, drawings, sculptures, photographs, manuscripts and programs.  Among the exhibits there were costumes, the sketches for which were made by Leon Bakst and French artists André Derain and Henri Matisse.

A bust of Sergei Diaghilev was erected in Monte Carlo, next to the opera house. The rehearsal base of the "Russian Ballets" troupe was located there in the 1920s at the invitation of the Prince of Monaco.

Artist Rinat Kuramshin created a portrait of Sergei Diaghilev in the 1990s.  The portrait was commissioned by a British collector.  In the portrait of S. Diaghilev, the artist strove to convey not only a reliable resemblance to the model, but also to capture the impresario in his typical creative atmosphere, to show Diaghilev against the background of the theatrical curtain of the "Russian Seasons".

The portrait of Sergei Diaghilev by R. Kuramshin was shown at exhibitions in Russia, Great Britain, and France.  During the period 2019 – 2020, the "Portrait of S.P.Diaghilev" was presented at the International cultural and educational project "THEATER - MUSIC – FINE ART", held under the project “The Year of Theater in Russia and the Year of Music, Russia - Great Britain".  The project's activities were aimed at popularizing Russian culture abroad. The British and Russian admired the portrait of S.P.Diaghilev at the exhibition of the "THEATER - MUSIC – FINE ART" project. The project was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the British Embassy in Russia, the Russian Academy of Arts, and other Russian and British organizations.

"Portrait of Sergei Diaghilev

with a babysitter"

Author Valentin Serov

"Sergei Diaghilev and

Guillaume Apollinaire at the Chatelet Theater"
Author Mikhail Larionov

"Portrait of Sergei Diaghilev"

Author Leon Bakst

"Portrait of Sergei Diaghilev

and Alfred Seligsberg»

Author Pablo Picasso

Since 1992, the Diaghilev family home in Perm has hosted a gymnasium named after S.P. Diaghilev and a museum, which forms a single complex with the gymnasium.  In 2007, a monument to Sergei Pavlovich was erected by sculptor Ernst Neizvestny in the concert hall of the Diaghilev House.  The annual Diaghilev Festival is held in Perm at the initiative of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater.  In September 2011, the Minister of Culture of the Perm Territory N. Novichkov proposed to name the new airport of Perm the "Sergei Diaghilev International Airport".

The Lyceum of Arts in Yekaterinburg, the School of Arts in Zelenograd, the Museum of Contemporary Art at St. Petersburg State University were named after Sergei Diaghilev, as well as aircraft Airbus A321-211  belonging to Aeroflot company. 

Bust of S. Diaghilev

in Monte Carlo

Fragment of a house on S. Diaghilev Square in Paris

Memorial plaque at the

S.P.Diaghilev Gymnasium

city of Perm