MARIE  RAMBERT 1888 -1982 

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"Portrait of Marie Rambert"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Dame Marie Rambert, Mrs Dukes, Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire was a Polish-born dancer and pedagogue who exerted great influence on British ballet. Founder of Ballet Rambert, now Rambert Dance Company. One of the Great Britain's greatest choreographers, along with Ninette de Valois, Leonid Myasin, L. Lopukhova, A. Markova and others, laid the foundations of English ballet.  A pupil of E. Jacques-Dalcroze, a participant of the “Russian ballet" by S. Diaghilev. In 1919 Rambert established a dance school in Notting Hill Gate, London, teaching Checchetti's methods and in 1920, she transitioned into teaching ballet professionally. The school would become the foundation of today's Rambert Dance Company.
Rambert, (known as Rambert Dance Company before 2014) is a leading British dance company. Formed at the start of the 20th century as a classical ballet company, it exerted a great deal of influence on the development of dance in the United Kingdom, and today, as a contemporary dance company, continues to be one of the world's most renowned dance companies. Notable members of the Company have included: F.Ashton, A.Tudor, D.Gould, A. Hepburn, M.Lloyd, S.Gilmour, B.Goldwyn, L.Aldous, C.Bruce and N.Morrice.


M. Rambert

in ballet class

The ballet "The Rite of Spring"
M. Rambert 2nd left. 1913

"Two dancers"


M. Rambert and M. Liepa