The ART FUND specializes in providing museums, galleries, exhibition and cultural centers, private or corporate collectors, and authors of artworks with a full range of artistic and business consulting services. Consulting and recommendations are provided with the participation of lawyers and experts of the art market in Russia, the UK
and the USA.
Among the most popular questions:

Export and Import of art objects
Ensuring legal and procedural aspects of ownership, buying, selling, leasing, import and export (Russian
Federation/abroad) of cultural property; Ensuring the rights of ownership; Exclusive and other rights to art
objects; Advantages and features of interaction between authors, private and corporate collections, museums,
galleries, exhibition and cultural centers.

Buying, selling, and leasing of art objects The ART FUND offers owners of collections a wide selection of rare art objects. Based on Museum management and extensive knowledge in the field of culture and art, the ART FUND specialists conduct research on the art object, identify its authenticity, and the quality of accompanying documents (provenance, expert opinions, archival certificates, etc.). The ART FUND represents the interests of the collector in negotiations with auction houses; arrange conditions for a profitable transaction (purchase, sale, lease, etc.).

Investing in Art. Capitalization of art collectionsThe ART FUND offers a range of marketing activities, including a program to promote collections on the art
market, an investment plan, a study of historical, cultural and artistic significance, as well as prospects for
increasing the value of an art-object on the market.