Valentin Abramovich Yudashkin (born in 1963) Acting member of the Russian Academy of arts, fashion Designer, people's artist of the Russian Federation, Honored artist of the Russian Federation Legendary couturier, who came up with many collections of clothing. Created more than 50 haute couture collections. Traditional themes of the collections are Russian art, literature, painting, ballet and architecture, while the designer's business card is a special way of embroidery with beads, sequins and rhinestones, made by hand.

 The fashion house of Valentin Yudashkin is one of Russia's leading. Yudashkin's works are exhibits of the costume Museum in the Louvre, The state historical Museum in Moscow, the California fashion Museum. Valentine Yudashkin's collections are shown annually not only in Paris and Moscow, but also in other cities of Europe, Asia and America.

​ In 1996, Valentin Yudashkin fashion House received the status of a corresponding member of the Paris syndicate of high fashion.

  In 2016, Valentin Yudashkin fashion house became a full member of the French Federation of high fashion, pret-a-porter and fashion designers Among the awards of

V. Yudashkin: Order of merit for the Fatherland "IV degree, the Order of Honor, the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation, the order of the Legion of Honor, the order of Arts and literature Of the French Republic, the Winner of the national award of business reputation "Darin" of the Russian Academy of business and entrepreneurship.

  Awards: Order of Merit for the Fatherland, IV degree, Order of Honor, Prize of the Government of the Russian, Federation, Order of the Legion of Honor, Cavalier of the Order of Arts and Literature of the French Republic,
Winner of the National Business Reputation Award "Darin" of the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship

Exhibition of V. Yudashkin

in The Pushkin Museum

Collection "Faberge"

Collection Autumn-winter 2013-2014


"ETHNO ART FESTL" at The Russian Academy of Arts


of V. Yudashkin 

in The Pushkin Museum