Salakhov Tahir Teymur oglu (born in 1928) - full member of the USSR Academy of ARTS, Academician (1975), people's artist of the USSR (1973). People's artist of Azerbaijan SSR (1963). People's artist of Russia (1996). Professor since 1973 in 1973-1992-first Secretary of the Union of artists of the USSR. In 1972-1974-Chairman of the Board of the Union of artists of the Azerbaijan SSR. 

​  One of the founders and leaders of the "severe style" in painting. A prominent place in the work of the artist is a series of works about oil workers of Azerbaijan. Among the most famous works of Salakhov's paintings "Morning echelon" (1958), "Repairmen" (1960), "Over the Caspian sea" (1961), "Women of Absheron" (1967), "Morning on the Caspian sea" (1986), and others. Great success was the portrait gallery of Salakhov, including such works as "Aidan" (1967), portraits of the mother, "portrait of Dana" (1983), as well as a gallery of images of cultural figures: composers D. Shostakovich, K. Karaev, Amirova, artist R. Rauschenberg, actor M. Shellas, writers M. A. Sabir, R. Rzy, G. Hesse, M. Ibragimbekov, M. Rostropovich and others. He was recognized for his still lifes and landscapes of Absheron, scenery for performances, works performed in the United States, Italy, Mexico ("Mexican bullfighting"; 1969) and other countries. T. Salakhov's activity is marked by numerous honorary awards and prizes of Russia and other countries of the world.

Portrait of composer Kara Karayev. 1960

Portrait Of Mstislav Rostropovich. 2000

Portrait of daughter

Aidan Salakhova

Portrait of  D. Shostakovich.