Our gallery presents works of art graphics, made in different techniques: dry needle, etching, lithography, linocut and other types of prints, as well as in pastel,

charcoal, pencil, watercolor, etc. Prints and other works of graphics created in the period from the late 1970s-early 2000s. 

GRAPHICS (gr. graphike, from grapho-write, draw, draw) - a kind of fine art that uses as the main visual means of lines, strokes, spots and dots. 

The most common distinguishing feature of graphics is the special relationship of the depicted object to the space, the role of which is largely performed by the background paper.  According to the modern Museum classification, the graphics include watercolor, gouache and other techniques using paper and water-based paints.

The concept of "GRAPHICS", according to the method of creating an image, includes" printed or printed graphics "and"unique graphics". Unique graphics-works created in a single copy. Printed graphics-works created using the author's printed forms from which print runs prints.

PRINT (from the French. estampe) - the generalized name of the works of printed graphics, which is an engraving or any other print on paper with a printed form. There are four types of PRINTS: high (convex) printing, flat printing, deep printing and screen printing. The convex seal includes woodcut, linocut and engraving on cardboard. To flat printing-lithography with all its varieties and monotype. To intaglio: etching, copperplate engraving, mezzotint, stipple, dry needle, aquatint, reserve, Lavis, soft varnish, pencil style. For screen printing-silkscreen.





On the acquisition of works of art contact: 

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Фото. Мариинский театр.

Конец XIX века

Фото. Сцена из балета «Дочь фараона»
Мариинский театр. 1862 г.

Фото. Мариус Петипа

1870 г.







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