increase of value of private and corporate collections

Under the museum and exhibition project CLASSIC AND MODERNITY, the owners of collections will be nominated for the following awards: "PATRON OF ARTS", "CULTURAL FIGURE" AND "COLLECTOR". 
Art partronage, collecting and various activities in culture have always been interconnected. People contributing to the development of museology and preservation of historical and cultural heritage have always inspired public respect. Their private collections of art objects have acquired global fame largely due to their owners’ participation in development of museum activities. 

Owners of collections, by the degree of participation in the museum and exhibition project, will be nominated for the following rewards: "ATRON OF ARTS", "CULTURAL FIGURE", "COLLECTOR" and others. The prizes will consist of acknowledgements, medals, precious prizes including rewards of Russian and British museums, academies, associations, governmental and social organizations.

The status of Patron of Arts, Cultural Figure and Collector will greatly enhance the prestige of a collector, and will raise a historical and cultural value of his or her collection for the Russian and international community. 
Under the museum and exhibition project CLASSIC AND MODERNITY, a complex of activities will be conducted to recognize an important social role of collection owners and to increase the value of their collections. 


The history of the Russian and British art patronage has been glorified by many representatives of the nobility and the merchants. The ADEKI Museum will see arrangement of a historical and artistic exhibition called "THE GREAT PEOPLE IN THE HISTORY OF ARTS PATRONAGE", reflecting the history of art patronage in Russia and Great Britain during the XIX – XXI centuries. The traditions of the Russian and British art patronage continue nowadays. Under the project, new exhibitions will be created dedicated to contemporary patrons of arts.







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