Konstantin Vasilievich Khudyakov (born in 1945) - Academician of the Russian Academy of arts, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of arts, Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of arts, Chairman of the Volga branch of the Russian Academy of arts, President Of the creative Union of artists of Russia.

  Russian artist working in the genre of digital art. In the work of the author, historical and modern intersect more often in the field of sociology, but no less interested in the spontaneous, unconscious life of the human soul.

He has numerous awards and titles. Honored artist of Russia, Honored artist of the Kyrgyz SSR, Professor of the Department of history and theory of arts of art and industry Academy. S. G. Stroganova (2012).)

  Main work:  "THE WORLD OF SENSUAL THINGS IN PICTURES" (1997), "DEISIS-ANTICIPATION" (2004), "HOTEL RUSSIA" (2005), "The art of the HIGH-RESOLUTION 1" (2010), "ART of HIGH RESOLUTION-2" (2011), "EYES of an ANGEL-1" (2012), "ANGEL EYES-2" (2013), "the FIGURE AND MYTH" (2014), Design of metro station "Fonvizina", Scenes from the plays of D.I. Fonvizin's "The Minor" 3D stereo-light panel Moscow.



A scene from

"The Minor"

by D.I. Fonvizin.

Swan lake. 2010

M&M-2. 2015

Angel eye

Metro station "Fonvizina".


Metro station "Fonvizina". Moscow

Apocalypse. The angel flew

Season. It's spring