Rinat Kuramshin addressed the theme of the horse throughout his career as an artist. Grace, strength, aesthetics of these noble animals have always attracted the attention of the artist both during his life in Russia and during his creative work in the UK. Paintings by Rinat Kuramshin with images of horses always become the subject of increased public interest at international exhibitions.


As Rinat Kuramshin said: “People in Great Britain have a special piety to the horse”. Indeed, we can see pictures of horses everywhere in Great Britain: in country houses, in apartments, in sculpture compositions in parks and in architectural ornaments. Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal family, representatives of aristocratic circles, citizens of the United Kingdom in every possible way demonstrate their love for horses. They not only keep horses, but also own collections of paintings dedicated to horses, among which there are works by Rinat Kuramshin.


Horse paintings, engravings and drawings by Rinat Kuramshin are very popular. The artist uses a wide range of artistic techniques when depicting horses. In his paintings he reflects both the external lines and the individual traits and character of the horse. When portraying a horse, the artist is supported by his academic education, good knowledge of hippological anatomy and a long experience in portraying. 


In his paintings such as « Bathing Horses“," Horses on the river. Evening", "Morning road" and others, we can see horses of different breeds, different colors and shades. The artist paints horses in complex angles in multi-figure compositions. His skill allows the artist to create unique works of equestrian art.


Many horse breeders and experts are unanimous in their opinion - Rinat Kuramshin's paintings truthfully depict the delightful plasticity, grace and strength of the horse. Rinat Kuramshin’s equestrian paintings can be seen in state, corporate and private collections of many countries. 




Голова лошади2.jpg
Две лошади.jpg
Голова лошади3.jpg

"Horse head"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Голова лошади1.jpg

"Horse head 2"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

"Two horses"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

"Horse head 1"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Акхал-Текинец 1в2.jpg


Author Rinat Kuramshin

Бегущая лошадь3.jpg

"Running horse 3"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Бегущая лошадь1_edited.jpg

"Running horse 1"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Бегущая лошадь4.jpg

"Running horse"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Башкирская лошадь (вид сбоку).jpg

"Bashkir horse (side view)"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Бегущая лошадь5.jpg

"Running horse 5"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Башкирская лошадь (вид сзади)1а1.jpg

"Bashkir horse (rear view)"

Author Rinat Kuramshin

Башкирская лошадь (вид спереди)1а2.jpg

"Basckir horse (front view)"

Author Rinat Kuramshin