«Preservation of cultural heritage»

The partner program "PRESERVATION of CULTURAL HERITAGE" is organized for the purpose of purchasing art objects for Museum funds, and is also aimed at supporting various areas of Museum activities. In order to implement the program, exhibitions, presentations, auctions, and other events are organized with the participation of art objects from private and corporate collections. Events are organized both in ON-LINE versions (on the websites of the program's organizers and partners) and in OFF-LINE versions in museums, galleries, exhibition and cultural centers. Examples of ON-LINE expositions in the GALLERY section.

 Museums - forum participants who have expressed a desire to purchase one or more exhibits from exhibitions of the PRESERVATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE program, send applications to the Organizing Committee. Within the framework of the program, the expert Commission considers art objects from private and corporate collections as exhibits for replenishment of Museum funds. After reviewing applications and items for purchase, representatives of the organizing Committee agree with the owners of art objects on the procedure for purchasing the exhibit. 

Art objects are purchased from the owners (in agreement with them) with the financial support of patrons, charitable foundations, financial organizations, partners and sponsors. In the future, art objects will be transferred to museums that have received applications for the purchase of exhibits.


To participate in the partner program "PRESERVATION of CULTURAL HERITAGE" owners of art objects send an application to the organizing Committee's email address: association.eca@yandex.ru

The "basic" format involves the inclusion of photos and information about art objects in the database of the program "PRESERVATION of CULTURAL HERITAGE". The program's database is provided directly to museums that want to purchase art items of a specific theme. If the Museum chooses one of the exhibits as a purchase option, representatives of the organizing Committee contact the owner about the possible purchase.

More information will be sent upon request.

Organizing Committee contacts:

e-mail: association.eca@yandex.ru