Gabdulla Tukai

 Tatar people's poet, literary critic, publicist, public figure and translator. Creative activity of the poet lasted only eight years. Gabdulla Tukay died at the age of 27, leaving behind more than 10 thousand lines (more than 400 poems, 9 poems), about 50 pages of prose (350 short stories, essays and memoirs).

  Born in the village of koshlauch in Kazan province in the family of Mullah. In early childhood was left an orphan. He was first published in 1905. In 1907, Tukai will be held in Kazan in order to devote his activity to the work. Kazan became the heyday of talent Tukai, his human maturity, time of his glory.

 In the creative legacy of Gabdulla Tukai – poems, verses, tales, satires, essays, memories of childhood, criticism, notes about the folklore and letters. The writer has made an enormous contribution to the formation of the Tatar children's literature.

  Creativity Gabdulla Tukai is an integral part of world cultural heritage. The poem «Tugan tel» (Native language) Gabdulla Tukai tacitly considered the anthem of the entire Tatar people, a reflection of their very souls.

 Poet Gabdulla Tukay had a huge impact on the development of Turkic literatures. The image of the poet embodied in literature, music, visual arts. Established museums in the city of Kazan and the home of the poet.

Фото. Фонтанный дом, где жила А.Ахматова. 


А. Ахматова


Изд-во Просвещение 1993г.

Фото. Оскфордский университет

"Анна Ахматова"


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