Galina Ulanova is a Prima ballerina of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater named after Kirov (1928-1944) and the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR (1944-1960).  Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, People's Artist of the USSR, laureate of the Lenin Prize, four Stalin Prizes, the Prize of the President of the Russian Federation, Chevalier of four Orders of Lenin.  The most titled ballerina in the history of the Soviet ballet. Galina Ulanova, one of the greatest ballerinas of the 20th century, is not just an outstanding, world-famous ballerina, but a whole era in the history of Russian ballet.  She entered history as one of the most famous students of Agrippina Vaganova. «An ordinary goddess», Aleksey Tolstoy said about Ulanova. Sergei Eisenstein called her «a person of another dimension». Sergey Prokofiev called her «genius of Russian ballet».

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Her performances in Moscow, London, Vienna, New York, Tokyo, Paris and other cities and capitals of the world caused the audience's constant delight.
In 1929, she danced her first role - the role of Odette in «Swan Lake». Ulanova's duet with K. Sergeev is considered exemplary in the history of Russian ballet. In the Kirov Leningrad Theater, among the best roles for Ulanova were Giselle and Masha in «The Nutcracker». Ulanova was the leading ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater, performed the main roles in the ballets «Giselle», «Swan Lake», «The Fountain of Bakhchisarai», «Cinderella», «Romeo and Juliet», and «Red Poppy».


G. Ulanova took part in the first foreign tours of the Bolshoi Theater in 1956 in London and was a triumphant success

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Galina Ulanova

with her mother - M.Romanova 

Galina Ulanova

Mariinsky Theatre

(S.M. Kirov Opera and Ballet Theater)

G.Ulanova and Y.Zhdanov in the ballet

«Romeo and Juliet»

Ulanova worked as a teacher-tutor at the Bolshoi Theater. Her students glorified the Russian ballet no less than their teacher, among them are: Ekaterina Maksimova, Vladimir Vasiliev, Svetlana Adyrkhaeva, Nina Timofeeva, Lyudmila Semenyaka, Nina Semizorova, Malika Sabirova, Marina Kolpakchi, Irina Prokofieva, Alla Mikhalchenko, Nadezhda Gracheva and others.  Ulanova has also worked with soloists of the Paris Opera, the Hamburg Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet, the Australian Ballet, and ballet dancers from Japan.

The Ethnography, Culture and Art Association Museum conducts work on the study, preservation and popularization of the cultural heritage associated with the life and work of Galina Ulanova. The museum organizes exhibition, cultural and educational projects in Russia and abroad dedicated to the creative activities of G.S. Ulanova.

G. Ulanova

in the ballet «Giselle»

Bolshoi Theater

Galina Ulanova. 1993 

Book Galina Ulanova Author B. Lviv-Anokhin