France is one of the most ancient countries in Europe. The capital of France is Paris. Most of the people living in France are French. They have a few ethnic groups from all around the world as well as diverse cultures within the country itself.  There are 46 UNESCO world heritage sites in France.

France as well as many other European countries have the tradition of folk music.  It clearly evolves over the years by being passed down through generations, yet still remains a major role in French's culture as a whole.  Breton people, or Celtic people, brought most of the folk music and instruments to the French culture.  Two of their most played instruments are the biniou, which is similar to bagpipes, and the bombarde.

The most famous French traditional dress could be the Breton costume or the Alsatian costume; commonly associated French clothing is the beret and the Breton shirt. Every region has its own specific design of the national costume.


Breton costume is the style of clothing worn by the Bretons people in Brittany, the Celtic region of France) as formal wear or festive clothing. In general, traditional men's clothing in France consists of six basic pieces. The chemise is a linen undershirt, and culottes are knee-length pants. Men wear a pair of hose or knee-high socks, and metastases are protective garters worn atop the lower legs. A Guillette is a small, short vest worn over the chemise, and the Capote or justacorps is a heavy coat with large cuffs worn over the entire outfit.

Traditional French women's clothing has four basic pieces. A chemise is worn under everything and is comparable to an underskirt or shift. A jupon is similar to a skirt, and more than one is worn to indicate wealth and status. French women wear a mantle, or a short waistcoat, on top as a shirt. The outfit is finished off by a fichu, which is a square piece of cloth used modesty scarf and is worn around the neck and shoulders. Nearly all traditional French women's outfits are topped off by some type of cap or other headwear.

French folklore encompasses the fables, folklore and fairy tales and legends of the French people.