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The Club organizes exhibitions in Russia, Great Britain, and other countries. The exhibitions are aimed at popularizing the cultural heritage of the two countries. Historical and art exhibitions can be organized within the framework of international Russian-British forums, museum projects or timed to significant events, anniversaries of outstanding figures of culture. Historical and art exhibitions are organized with the participation of Russian and British museums, galleries, cultural centers, foundations, private and corporate collections. Exhibitions can be timed to significant events, as well as to anniversaries of outstanding cultural figures of Russia and Great Britain.

The HISTORICAL part of the exhibitions consists of exhibits and informational materials dedicated to the life and work of outstanding playwrights, writers, poets, composers, as well as choreographers, opera singers, ballet dancers, artists and designers who have made a significant contribution to the development of world culture. The exhibitions feature works of art, sketches of scenery, stage costumes, posters and programs, photos and videos, other items and information materials.

The ARTISTIC part of the exhibitions consists of a collection of paintings and graphic works, watercolors, pastels, engravings, prints, other works by famous artists of the XIX-XX centuries, as well as objects of art of the Victorian era. The items were provided by British and Russian art collectors, patrons, fans of fine art and decor.

The opening of the exhibitions can be organized together with concerts of classical music, performances of opera singers and ballet dancers. Master classes, round tables, lectures organized within the framework of exhibitions arouse great interest of regular visitors to the events of the RBCC Club, and also attract new viewers and admirers of Russian and British culture. In the UK, exhibitions are held in London areas: WESTMINSTER, MAYFAIR, KENSINGTON, GREENWICH, RICHMOND and other areas.

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