The ART FUND conducts Museum marketing in order to increase the cultural value and commercial demand
(liquidity) of art objects in the international art market. Museum marketing is carried out with the involvement
of Museum specialists, art dealers, representatives of auction houses, gallery owners and other experts of the
art market in Russia, the UK and the USA.

The ART FUND offers a range of marketing activities, including a program to promote collections on theart market, art research, development of an investment plan, and the study of the prospects for increasing thevalue of an art object on the market.

ART FUND events are held both in ON-LINE formats (Internet presentations, exhibitions, excur-sions, albumsin electronic form, etc.) and OFF-LINE formats in museums, galleries, exhibition and cultural centers. ONLINE exposure on Museum sites provides effective marketing work, as well as solid collaboration with othermuseums, galleries, auction houses, exhibition and cultural centers.

In OFF-LINE format, the ART FUND accepts art objects for display and storage in its representa-tive officesin Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

During the period when art objects are located in the ART FUND offices, authors and owners are guaranteedMuseum conditions for the preservation of art objects throughout the entire period of their display and storage.Round-the-clock security, temperature and humidity conditions and other Museum storage condi-tions areprovided. 

Art objects are accepted for display and storage according to Museum documents and acceptance certificates. If necessary, an additional agreement may be concluded, certified by a notary.