The ART FUND offers museums, galleries, owners of private and corporate art collections, artists and other participants of Museum projects research services in order to prepare expert opinions on art objects.

Expert opinions on art objects with the results of research work will help to organize successful work with museums, galleries, auction houses. Expert opinions with the results of stylistic and technical-technological research, supported by archival certificates and other documents relating to the authorship, emphasize the historical, cultural and artistic value art objects.

Documentation of an art object can also be used for publishing albums and catalogues on art, art criticism articles and other publications accompanying Museum exhibitions, international cultural forums, and auctions.


The ART FUND provides assistance in reducing restoration and conservation work. Art objects participating in the Museum projects will be examined by Museum specialists, experts in the field of restoration and conservation. 

In accordance with the accepted Museum standards, recommendations for the conservation and restoration of works are developed, expert reports are compiled on the methods, methods, quality and scope of measures for the conservation and restoration of art objects. 

If necessary, Museum conservation design materials are provided that provide comprehensive protection of art objects from the destructive effects of the environment, seasonal and domestic changes in humidity and temperature, and UV exposure.