Russian - British exibition 


Year of theatre in Russia and Year of music Russia - Great Britain

2019 has been announced the Year of Theatre in Russia and UK-Russia Year of Music. It will celebrate the rich musical culture of the United Kingdom and Russia and introduce all people to each other’s musical traditions and achievements through exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances and other cultural and educational activities.

The Russian-British «THEATER – MUSIC - FINE ART» exhibition has become an important cultural event organized in the framework of the Year of Theatre in Russia and the Year of Music UK-Russia 2019-2020.
The main part of the exhibition consists of portraits of outstanding composers, playwrights, musicians, choreographers, theater workers, opera and ballet artists, patrons of art, other prominent personalities of Great Britain and Russia. The exhibition includes the portraits of E.Elgar, R.V.-Williams, B.Britten, M.Glinka,P.Tchaikovsky, N.Rimsky-Korsakov, M.Mussorgsky, I.Stravinsky, S.Rakhmaninov, A.Glazunov, S.Prokofiev, A.Skryabin, D.Shostakovich and other great composers. Among the portraits of theater workers there are portraits of the following great people: F.Ashton, K.MacMillan, Valois, M. Rambert, R.Nuriev, M.Fonteyn, K.Stanislavsky, M.Petipa, S.Diaghilev, F.Shalyapin, A.Pavlova, T.Karsavina, G.Ulanova, M.Plisetskaya and other outstanding people who have made a great contribution to development of Russian and Great Britain
theater and music.

Theatrical and musical traditions of Great Britain and Russia have had a significant impact on the formation of the repertoire of many theaters in the world. The «THEATER – MUSIC - FINE ART» exhibition reflects the cultural processes that took place in the UK and Russia during the XIX-XX centuries in such areas as theater, music, opera and ballet. The exhibition will also feature works of art and information materials on the history of cooperation between the British and Russian opera and ballet theaters. The «THEATER - MUSIC - FINE ART» exhibition is aimed at preserving the historical memory of outstanding composers, musicians, theatrical figures, Opera and ballet artists, playwrights, writers and poets, whose works formed the basis of theatrical productions, performances and musical works.



Mariinsky Theater

Manor P. Tchaikovsky.
Votkinsk city

Manor P.I Tchaikovsky
Klin city



P. Tchaikovsky

1964 edition

Manor P. Tchaikovsky.
Votkinsk city

Manor P. Tchaikovsky.
Votkinsk city







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