International cultural and educational project




We invite museums, galleries, foundations, corporate and personal collections, and other organizations to participate in the THEATRE-MUSIC-ART project.


You can choose one or more options for cooperation:

1. Providing a place (space) in your office (institution) for holding a THEATRE - MUSIC - FINE ART exhibition

If you have a suitable space for presentations, we suggest organize the THEATER–MUSIC–FINE ART exhibition at your office (institution). The exhibition could be dedicated to concerts, performances or other significant events. The art objects of the exhibition will decorate the walls and create a noble atmosphere in your office (institution).


2. Distribution of souvenir products of the THEATRE-MUSIC-FINE ART project

Within the framework of the THEATRE–MUSIC–FINE ART project, a series of souvenir items were made. The Organizing Committee will be grateful for the opportunity to distribute souvenirs at an exhibition (or at other events) in your office (institution). Souvenirs can be used as gifts to participants of concerts and other events, honorary members of the jury, special guests, graduates of educational institutions, winners of competitions and festivals.

3. Providing art objects, costumes and other theatrical items for the THEATRE-MUSIC-FINE ART exhibition 

If your Institution has works of fine art, stage costumes, theater decorations, theatrical design, posters and programs, photos and videos, other exhibits and information materials, we would be grateful for the temporary provision of items for the organization of exhibition.

4. Museum exposition at your office (institution)

If your Institution is interested in creating its own Museum exhibition, the Organizing Committee of the THEATRE-MUSIC-ART project is ready to provide any assistance.

5. Awarding of the participants of the THEATRE-MUSIC-FINE ART project

Participants of the THEATRE–MUSIC–FINE ART project are nominated for awards in the categories of «Person in Culture» and other categories. Awards include diplomas, medals and other valuable prizes, including awards from academies, associations, state and public organizations.

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