The conference "THEATRE - MUSIC - FINE ART", dedicated to the Year of theatre in Russia in 2019.

The conference was organized by the Russian Academy of Arts, ETHNO ART FEST Museum, UNESCO international Department of fine arts and architecture, Moscow international Fund for UNESCO.


Among the participants of the Conference: domestic and foreign cultural figures, specialists and experts in the field of theater, music and fine arts - representatives of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and foreign countries.

​Participants are invited to consider the directions:

​1. Development of musical-theatrical and dramatic arts in Russia and other countries. The role of fine arts in the creation of stage design, scenery and costumes for performances in theaters in Russia and other countries at the beginning of the XXI century.
2. Opera and ballet theaters as the advanced centers of culture uniting various types of arts. 
3. Theatre museums in Russia and other countries. Preservation and popularization of musical and theatrical historical and cultural heritage. 

4. Synthesis of musical, choreographic and visual arts in the productions of Sergei Diaghilev's" Russian seasons". The specifics of the creation of musical works of the late XIX and early XX century. 
5. Modernist trends in the works of composers, choreographers and artists of the XIX - XX century. 
6. National traditions in the works of Russian and Soviet composers of the XIX – XX centuries, the Development of national musical arts, national school of composition in Russia and the CIS countries.
7. Other topic.

More information about the Conference program can be obtained at the organizing Committee of the Forum "THEATRE - MUSIC - FINE ART".

Contacts of the Organizing committee:

Natalia Frolova: +7 (916) 122-1415

Liliya Zaitseva:  +7 (985) 483-7554








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